Positional Language with iPads

We began our study of location and direction this week with positional language activities. We discussed objects around the classroom and described their position in relation to each other. For example, “The box is in the shelf”. Students took photos of objects around the room and labelled them in Skitch using positional language and arrows. We imported our photos into Explain Everything with a different picture on each page. Students then recorded themselves explaining the position of the objects. I found this Apptivity particularly successful for less confident writers. While they attempted the labelling step of the Apptivity, when they recorded their understanding  verbally they were able to show a much deeper understanding of positional language. While the example below about the colour cats is difficult to interpret from the text, the student’s verbal explanation was completely accurate. This is reason why I include voice recording in most of my Apptivities. It is such a powerful tool for differentiation.


The accompanying recording says “The colour cats are near the welcome sign”.



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My name is Martina Blake-Beveridge. I have taught in a primary school context for twelve years. For three of those years I taught in lower school classrooms in a BYO iPad school. In 2016 I was appointed to the role of ICT Teacher and Coach, working with students and teachers from Prep to Year Six.

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