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My name is Martina Blake-Beveridge. I have taught in a primary school context for twelve years. For three of those years I taught in lower school classrooms in a BYO iPad school. In 2016 I was appointed to the role of ICT Teacher and Coach, working with students and teachers from Prep to Year Six. In this blog I hope to share some of my explorations with technology as well as inspiration I gain from other educators within this field of learning.



  1. I am part of a team of teachers in Virginia creating an iTunes U course to support teachers as they integrate technology into their instruction. My current assignment is the Algebra strand for K-5 students. I am so impressed with the kinds of things you are doing with your students and would like to use a couple of your postings as models for appropriate, creative, and effective uses of technology with young students. I’m sending you a link so you may see what I’m posting and assure you that you are fully credited for your work. I would hope some teachers will decide to subscribe to your blog as a side benefit! Here is a link to the pdf that I would like to post in our course. Please let me know if this meets with your approval. http://goo.gl/wGBSDO
    I look forward to hearing from you,

    BTW this is the intro to the pdf:

    For new teachers or teachers wanting to explore better ways to teach patterns to young students, the document “Technology Enhanced Lessons” (PDF) contains excerpts from the blogs of several innovative elementary teachers explaining how they use a few content creation apps on iPads to increase engagement, understanding, accountability and collaboration of their students. The examples all focus on patterns and explain how the apps are used by the students. The example teaching strategies can be used with other apps on other platforms.

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