Apptivity Inspiration

I am a follower of Mrs Wideen’s Blog and find myself inspired regularly by her iPad ideas. The initial inspiration for my iPad Apptivities (and I make no claim that I coined this phrase) came from her fantastic Maths stations using the Explain Everything app.

We regularly use Explain Everything in our classroom as it is a great app that encompasses features such as drawing, photographing, recording, adding text or images  – all in an easy to use format for my littlies. Many of my initial Apptivities incorporated Explain Everything in the way that Mrs Wideen’s stations do, to encourage students to record and explain their thinking and make their learning more visible. My latest Apptivities include a variety of other apps as part of the workflow.

When creating Apptivities I usually generate more than one version of the task, allowing me to differentiate for a range of learners. You will notice the Apptivity cards are colour coded at the top, allowing a quick reference point for me when handing them out during group rotations.

I have also added QR voice codes to my latest Apptivities, to help students who experience difficulty reading the cards. This allows me to work with my focus group without being interrupted by requests to re-read the card.

Here are a couple of examples of Apptivities.



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