Maths Beyond Drill and Kill

Students in our 1:1 iPad class bring their own devices to school, loaded with a set list of apps. There are very few “drill and practice” apps, rather those that allow for creativity and true demonstration of understanding. Our maths lessons have been completely transformed with the wide array of opportunities now available with apps such as Doodle Buddy, Number Pieces, Captions and Explain Everything.

Students can manipulate an endless supply of mathematical materials and spend more time demonstrating their knowledge, whereas in the past, a fair part of the lesson would be spent handing out and collecting materials. These apps are not only a huge time saver but also engage students more. I can’t remember the last time my students built a gun or tower with their materials behind my back since the addition of iPads! Of course, there is still a place for “real” concrete materials in my classroom, but when the focus is on demonstrating knowledge an understanding, the iPad is a fantastic tool for mathematics lessons!

Patterning with Doodle Buddy

Number Patterns with Doodle Buddy

Place value with Number Pieces

Place Value with Number Pieces

Labelling with Captions

Labelling with Captions

Early addition with Doodle Buddy

Early Addition with Doodle Buddy


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