Part 1: Year 4 Endangered Animals Apptivity

This week as part of my ICT Pedagogical Support role I had the pleasure of working with two year 4 classes in their “flexible learning” rotations. I devised an Apptivity to fit in with their study of endangered animals, to allow students to demonstrate both existing and new knowledge. As the iPads are a relatively new addition to the classroom for the year 4’s, I also wanted to create a task that incidentally helped them develop fluency in the use of iPads. Students began by using their existing knowledge of endangered animals to create a Pic Collage. While a small handful of students had used Pic Collage prior to our lesson, others found it easy and straight forward to use, after initial problem solving with wifi issues when image searching within the app. Students then used a QR code I generated prior to the lesson, leading them to a website for kids on endangered animals. They had not used QR codes before but were quite tech-savvy and needed little direction in this step. Once at the site, students had to find out more information about one of the endangered animals from their Pic Collage and save an image of the animal for use later on in the Apptivity. As this was the students’ first app smashing task, it did take longer than expected and this is as far as we got so far. I will work with them again in two week’s time to finish off the Apptivity. After this first session I can say that students were genuinely engaged and excited while using the iPads as a tool for learning. I am thoroughly looking forward to our follow-up lesson and witnessing the students’ enthusiasm throughout the next stages of our app smashing project. To be continued…







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