Part 2: Year 4 Endangered Animals Apptivity

This week I continued my work with the year 4s to finish our endangered animals  Apptivity. We used the QR code from the previous lesson again to locate the information on the animal chosen in our last session. We had already saved an image of the animal so students only needed to copy their information. We started a new Explain Everything file and inserted our existing Pic Collage onto the first page, and the image and text of the selected animal onto the second page. We skipped the recording step of the Apptivity this time, due to lack of time and the amount of noise in the area of the library where we were working. This step could be completed later if students were able to take their iPad to a quiet place in the library. This step would be very valuable in allowing students to verbalise existing knowledge and knowledge gained. Being the first app smashing task for these students, they were still more focused on the steps involved in creating the end product, rather than learning more about endangered animals. However, with further practise, students’ iPad fluency would improve, allowing them to focus on learning through the use of this tool. I was really impressed by the year 4 teacher who I was working with when she expressed out of her own, plans to continue using the Apptivity. From here she could have students develop this Explain Everything file into a book of endangered animals, where students continue to add different animals from the website to their document.






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