Representing Addition and Subtraction with Nearpod

I’ve been wanting to try Nearpod in my classroom for a while now, after having heard about how other teachers are using the app in reading groups. It was when I came across a post on Mathy Cathy’s blog that I really became inspired to incorporate Nearpod into my Maths rotations this week. The way Cathy explains that Nearpod≠Powerpoint challenged me to think about how to use the app to enhance my existing teaching practices and allow for more student input and effective monitoring of their learning.

My Nearpod focused on representing addition and subtraction in different ways. I devised slides as examples and opportunities for teaching points, followed by interactive features such as drawing and open ended questioning.

My students loved the activity and kept telling me how much they were enjoying themselves. They especially enjoyed analysing their own and others’ samples that I broadcasted throughout the lesson. Sharing both correct and incorrect samples led to some powerful and invaluable mathematical discussion. The students and I are all looking forward to our next Nearpod lesson!




Student Samples

Student Samples

Student Samples

Student Samples


One thought on “Representing Addition and Subtraction with Nearpod

  1. It’s refreshing to read about your Nearpod experiences! Isn’t it difficult to capture student engagement and excitement in a blog post? Once folks see Nearpod at work with their own students, it becomes an invaluable tool. Great post!

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