Why Kids Love Nearpod

I have been using Nearpod in my Maths rotations for a little while now and my students just love it! They love this new way of sharing their work with me and the immediacy of feedback the app encourages. They also enjoy being able to analyse their own and others’ samples, which is helping them learn from mistakes, understand alternate ways to complete a task and engage in rich mathematical discussion. They are proud of their work, and delight in telling the other students “This is mine!”, when I broadcast samples to the group for discussion.

Our latest Nearpod lesson is focused on 3D shapes. I experimented with the quiz feature, which I hadn’t yet explored, as a way of establishing prior knowledge before the main content of the lesson. I found this feature of the app quick, easy and effective in providing a snapshot of my students’ understanding.

Nearpod certainly is value-adding to teaching and learning in our classroom. When it comes to apps that allow for task transformation, this one is my new favourite!

image image

Student Sample

Student Sample


Student Sample

Student Sample


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