No Mess, No Fuss Capacity with iPads

Over the last two weeks we have studied capacity in our mathematics lessons. We began with hands on exploration using containers of various sizes and a big tub of birdseed. This hands on exploration of capacity is a necessary part of teaching this concept but it is messy, to say the least.

To reduce the mess and fuss I devised a series of iPad activities to consolidate student understanding of capacity following our hands on learning.

We created a book in Book Creator to summarise our findings of the bird seed measuring task.image

For our follow up activity I designed a Nearpod lesson that contained videos of me measuring the capacity of containers with water. Students followed along with the videos and were so engaged you could hear a pin drop in the classroom. They made predictions, counted along with the measurements and recorded their findings. Not to mention, everyone could see the measuring clearly, rather than having the students crowd around a live measurement demonstration. What an easy and effective way to revise capacity!



One of the Capacity Videos

One of the Capacity Videos




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