iPad Geography Garden Diary

This term as part of our geography studies about caring for environments we have been fixing up and looking after a garden in our school. As a way of recording our understanding and monitoring the progress of the garden we have made garden diaries in Book Creator that we will add to throughout the unit.

As well as adding weekly updates and photos to monitor the changes in our garden, we have included annotated drawings that predict what our garden might look like with changes in the weather and seasons. Students were given choice in which app they used to annotate these changes. Some chose Doodle Buddy and set the photo of the garden as the background, adding stamps and drawings to demonstrate predicted changes, while others used Skitch. We also added an annotated photo highlighting the natural, built and managed features of the garden and its surroundings. Students had a choice between Captions and Skitch for this task.

I thought this activity was worth sharing because I wanted to highlight how simple apps such as the Camera, Doodle Buddy, Skitch and Captions have transformed how we may have completed a diary project in the past. These apps engage students by allowing them to create visually accurate representations of their predictions and experiences.

Initial Diary Entry

Initial Diary Entry



Built, Natural and Managed Features

Built, Natural and Managed Features


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