Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Spelling Instruction

Following the huge success of my “Snazzy Jazzy” puppet in vocabulary lessons, I bought another puppet for spelling lessons, naming her Tricky Vicki. The spelling cheerleader was an instant hit with the kids and I am excited to introduce my second Aurasma Apptivity to the class this week, featuring Tricky Vicki.  When the students hover their iPad over a Tricky Vicki card she will give them instructions on how to complete a spelling task.

Tricky Vicki Aurasma Poster

Tricky Vicki Aurasma Poster

Example card source

Example Tricky Vicki Card
Image Source

Here is an example of one of the task card overlays. 

I hope the Apptivity will be received with the same level of enthusiasm, and provide my students with a fun and engaging way of completing spelling tasks!


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